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Our Unique Propositions

Rent a Home

Full Service Residence

All of residences that we manage come with latest home furnishing, home interior and full service that include cleaning, laundry, and on demand assistant that help you stay productive all the time

Easy Mobility

Our lease or rent contract comes with flexibility to move from one place to another in same or different areas without breaking a contract and with no or very little adjustment to rental cost

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Home Space as Service

Unique home space that inspire people and impact their life

With the changing landscape of work and business patterns today, Loyagami provides a residential solution that enables residents not to experience difficulties with long-term commitment and the headache of managing housing to remain productive, effective and efficient

Real Estate

Opportunity to invest in best real estate

We work with preferred developer and real estate agents to provide unbeatable service for buyers and sellers of second home real estate

Ease of Ownership

We provide solutions and options that will ease the process of ownership through multiple type of financing that gives not just flexibility but also protection

Asset & Property Management

Helps manage your assets to get passive income regularly and ensures you get the right exit strategy

Ease of Upgrade or Exchange

We recognize the importance of providing future upgrades or asset upgrades in line with your growth

Loyagami Stories

Testimonies from members we've won over

AyuHome Owner

By far the best property club I've ever experienced. I got all my properties managed and periodically got freebies for my family travel

MicoHome Owner & Member

It is really fun getting to know Loyagami. They are all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease

YemimaHome Owner & Member

I'm wondering why I never knew Loyagami sooner! Seriously, they all have awesome services not just helping me renting our my properties, but also the possibility to be able to host my own travel programs. Thanks for an amazing experience!


Loyagami is by far the most astonishing Vacation Club! I literally could not be happier that I chose to join your membership! I got regular updates for new deals that I can spend on my family holiday

ElsyeHome Owner & Member

The vacation homes exceeded all our expectations and suited our needs perfectly. Really comfortable, all the creature comforts and a lovely way to experience local life during our family trip in Europe

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Property Management

Loyagami provide property management services for the modern owner. Designed with technology at the core for maximum efficiency and transparency.

Guaranteed Rental

Our program will make sure that home owners will get maximum rental revenue during the years in our management.

Asset Protection

Every booking is protected by our industry-leading property protection program with up to $3,000 in damage protection and $ 250,000 in liability coverage.

Professional Management

We hire the best local talent to manage the property with the same quality of global hotel operators

Our Payment Partner