About Us

Physical space still plays an important role in life, business and work where good physical space design will support productivity and creativity

Loyagami isĀ  real estate services company that focus on investment banking, vertical market development and value creation

We provide a platform that brings together asset owners and business idea owners to turn ordinary physical space assets into extraordinary ones that can be used whether as a place to live, work, play and even shop

What We Provide

We offer individuals and companies access to a personalized built-to-rent residential,commercial and work spaces with premium amenities and hospitality services - supported by our technology platform

Commercial & Work Space Service

Our space services cover everything that you possibly need that include furniture, technology, and staff to reduce all of the typical works face when setting up and operating your own space so that you can focus more on business and less on logistics.

The Uniqueness of Our Residential Space

The balance of physical activity, good social life, environmental safety, cleanliness and the environment that supports work and business activities is our benchmark in developing and operating residential spaces that can also be rented flexibly.

All the houses we offer are designed with modern and complete furniture and home furnishings

As part of the smart home application, all of our houses are equipped with smart home technology which is not only to control electronic devices at home but also helps you to connect with various services that can be used in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

Improve your Asset Value

We offer solutions for asset owners as a one stop solution for the design, development and operation of property assets together with world class partners to become assets not only to get better recurring income but also to increase the value of assets.

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