Living Big at Our Home

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Personalized Rental Housing

Our Rental Residential Services.

Our services help our operating partners to convert ordinary residential units into home-based hotels with a subscription system that provides on-demand hotel services through a smart home system that is integrated with personal assistant services for almost all daily needs, even when you are not at home.

Our services are aimed at individuals and families who want premium services for comfort, safety and healthy living in an apartment or house that is rented entirely or in a co-living setting.

Our differences

Why use our service?

As part of our mission to provide personalized rental housing , we offer unique proposition as follows

  • Home Subscription
  • An annual rental program that makes it easy for you to live in several homes at an agreed standard price
  • Smart Resident Services
  • Our premium residence services that serve you inside and outside your residence with service level agreement

We've worked with some of the biggest operating partner brands