Smart Flex Housing

Upgrade Your Home Rental

Personalize the house you rent and have the opportunity to own the house you rent

Personalized Rental Housing

More than just a rent

Loyagami rental service eliminates obstacles in renting a house where there is a lack of flexibility to personalize according to the desired experience

Our services are aimed at individuals and families who want premium services for comfort, safety and healthy living in an apartment or house that is rented entirely or in a co-living setting.

Our premium services

Privileges for You

We provide services in a different way that gives privileges and personalization to rent a house

  • Home Furnish & Equipment Subscription
  • An annual rental program that makes it easy for you to add or replace furniture and equipment in your home with a subscription
  • Ownership Option Program
  • Option to convert your lease into purchase if you like the place you live in
  • Smart Resident Services
  • Our premium residence services that serve you inside and outside your residence with service level agreement

We've worked with some of the biggest operating partner brands