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Area : 32 Sq Meter
Year of Built : 2019
Architects: Cité Arquitetura 

This Studio Mescla 32m2 was built as a comfortable home for living, having people over, and for work meetings.

One of the main furnishings was the bed as focal point of the space. The bed was created to adapt to the owner’s needs throughout the day with various backrests that can move around for different functions.

Besides the bed, the only pieces of furniture required were the dining table, a couple of chairs, and a lounge chair. The ceiling was hand-painted to mimic the look of graph paper for added texture and visual appeal, while the long wall was clad in green lacquered panels for a pop of color.

The dining table works as a desk during the day or as additional kitchen counter space when needed. The wall-mounted TV can be watched from the bed or used for work purposes while seated at the table. The built-in storage cabinets feature a lower section that offers extra seating when additional people are over.

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