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Area : 237 Sq Meter
Year of Built : 2019
Architects: Estudio de Arquitectura MAGICARCH

This is a concept for a Traumatology and Physiotherapy Clinic, which, far from conventional stereotypes, it envisions a new way of understanding healthy spaces. In particular, its main concern is the ‘Form of care’ of those involved. The proposal consists of a multidimensional project integrated with special central furniture, which equips and articulates the sanitary spaces.

This environment implements a business project with technoscientific approaches. In addition, the project solves variously the “Form of Care”, in order to address the diverse needs of patients and the health staff. Likewise, it generates the therapeutic with thermodynamic strategy, creating different atmospheres for the climatic comfort.

The Clinic design enables metabolic architectures that rely on rehabilitation techniques based on the hormonal response of the human being. Rooms are characterized by the intensity, direction, and saturation of the light that users perceive depending on the space they are located in. This is an essential part of the chromatic design process.

Main access is located at the core of the premises, thus the waiting room and the reception operate as the main distributor. The main space is a diaphanous well-ventilated room that benefits from the greater height and the luminosity of the local, and where the patient is always dressed. In the East part of the clinic is placed the rehabilitation gym (dominated by pink shades, that help increase the melatonin therefore the ailments of the patients decrease) with yellow filters that provide sitting areas in front of the large windows (mainly North oriented) where the patient can rest or wait to be attended. In the West zone, it is located the medical consultation (dominated by blue shades, that increase levels of cortisol, therefore concentration improves and helps during medical treatment and surgery).

The cellular polycarbonate wall divides to the inner end atomized space located at the end of the premises, where ceilings are lower in order to heat and ventilate rooms efficiently since the patient will be naked in this space and that climatic attention is a much-needed requirement. These ceilings are also backlighted with regulated light.

Therefore, clinical space is designed from a CHROMATIC AND LIGHT METABOLISM perspective, spaces are articulated through EQUIPPED DEVICES that finish completing uses and energies, and the DESIGN OF THE INVISIBLE that thinks about the atmosphere, the acoustic, the thermal…as a construction material. “This Kubrick-ish spatial organisation combines an atmospheric and sustainable visual style due to air convection.

That is a key factor contributing to a better climatic condition, and that leads to energetic and economic saving, without the need for additional resources, thinking about a more sustainable future.

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