About Us

Loyagami is a real asset based investment services  services company that focuses on impact investing

Impact Investing is our core to real asset based investment. The built environment supports people in every aspect of their lives – homes, workplace, health, education and leisure. Therefore focussing on the quality of internal and external environments will provide a direct benefit to people and society and deliver both investors’ and corporate’ expectations.

We provide technology and services that make it easier for companies to design sustainable fund platforms and for investors to be able to invest in various asset-based businesses through business trusts, which for many corporations and investors who have only used or are familiar with commercial banking, enter the world of investment banking is an exclusive and lengthy manual process

For Investor

Fund owners or investors are given the convenience of investing through trusts managed by an asset manager who are handpicked in various portfolios that can be personalized according to the wishes of investors which have been exclusive and only for large investors.

Our Asset Management Model

The asset management model we offer is to help investors invest through self-established trusts or through asset management companies that already have an investment portfolio as trusts. We help fund owners to provide information, knowledge,  and advice as well as assist supervision so that investors can invest in the right and legal investment vehicle

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For Corporate

For corporations that need funds, we also provide convenience in the process of business restructuring for fundraising through selected investment banks legally, effectively and efficiently.

We can help you carry out several important processes together with the investment bank for the following processes

  • Market research and data analysis
  • Providing feasibility analysis
  • Determining the value of the business
  • Provide advice on business restructuring needed to improve the value deals that can be offered to investors
  • Cooperate with other professional institutions that are legally required before and to carry out fundraising
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Value Creation through Venture Investment

As part of maximizing return on value from asset investment,  we are actively developing vertical business through a venture cooperation model where the business development orientation is to get a good return on capital while developing the community and providing employment opportunities.

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