Business Expansion Funding

We can assist in the development or expansion of an asset or property based business by providing access to business expansion fundraising from a variety of funding options to realize your vision.

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How we can help companies

Loyagami can assist eligible companies to raise capital through private equity and securitization

Fund raising covers various needs, among others

  • Project financing
  • New Debt
  • Vertical business development
  • Acquisition or merger

We have successfully helped more than 100 companies in the last 5 years to raise funds from various funding institutions and institutional investors, both domestic and foreign.

The services we provide to help your business expansion

Eligibility for Service

Business and Corporate Criteria

Currently we can help raise funds for real asset-based businesses located in areas with well-developed communities and infrastructure. The collection value that we can help you with starts from IDR 50 billion to IDR 450 billion

  • The company is a limited liability company that has been running for at least 2 years with a minimum asset value of IDR 20 billion and a turnover of IDR 30 billion per year for private companies and a minimum turnover of IDR 100 billion per year for public companies.
  • The corporation has a business to develop that falls into at least one of the categories, including hotels, housing, offices, food estate, modern retail, data centers, warehouses, amusement parks, renewable energy, educational facilities and health facilities.
  • The corporate has a development plan that has obtained the necessary permits
  • Ability to rezone property for desired use if necessary
  • Will consider securitization of companies or assets

Each company will go through a due diligence process with costs borne by the company to determine the value and business plan of the company, including business feasibility, whether it is in accordance with government regulations and impact investment.

Process for Getting Started


Pre Condition Information

Isi informasi awal untuk mengetahui apakah bisnis anda bisa masuk dalam kategori layanan penggalangan dana

Basic Business Information

After the first step is completed then fill in basic company information including a checklist for the completeness of the required documents along with signing the confidentiality document.

Business Proposal

After analyzing basic company information, you will get a proposal containing information on a work plan, a recommended fundraising structure, work duration, estimated achievements, and work costs.

Approval & Signing

If you agree to our offer then you will sign a mandate document as part of the execution of the work and complete the administrative prerequisites

Process Begins

Work begins with the preparation of a secure project application portal containing various information and work progress that can only be accessed by your team and our consultants and affiliates who have been selected and approved by the parties.

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We will do assessment through every proposed carefully and offer you best possible schemas