Smart Flexible Work Space

Outsource your workspace to increase flexibility and productivity

What is Smart Flexible Work Space

A new concept of workspace where we will manage the workspace that you design so that it can be used flexibly by your staff or lease back some unused areas.

It’s today’s workplace model to reduce real estate costs, increased productivity¬† and supporting mobile employees.

Some Smart Office Features

Smart Office solution with the implementation of an occupancy sensor system so that it can automatically provide information on the availability of rooms and facilities in your building or office

This sensor will be associated with various other sensors that can help save energy, room temperature gauges and various other sensors that can be designed according to needs

Automation of supervision and management of various supporting functions related to security and safety aspects

This automation system helps companies to be able to comply with various government standards related to security, safety and health

Automation that helps to improve self service services for workers in buildings or offices

  • Meeting room and desk reservations
  • Order support services (mail room, storage, food order)
  • Manage guest list
  • Rental of various hardware and software on demand
  • Centralized management of printing or printing activities
  • Check in/out using wifi
Smart Flexible Work Space

Effective, Fast and Safe Way of Work

We help manage your work space so you don’t have to worry about maintenance, energy saving, health, safety, security and work comfort.

All expenditures that are required upfront as capital expenditures to develop the ideal workspace can be converted into monthly fees including periodic system updates that are required

In addition, we can also help manage unused workspace to be rented back to the public so that you can use the income from the rental to be allocated to other expense items to increase the efficiency per square meter of your work space.

What we do

The combination of physical space management, technology infrastructure management, and the provision of on demand services for workers

Office Facilities Management

Provision of system infrastructure, management of guests using office facilities and protection and compensation for loss or damage

Services Management

Provision of support services for your employees that support health and work comfort

Coordination & Reporting

An integrated reporting system that facilitates reporting of facility usage, employee expenses, and workspace usage income

How to get started


Apply for Program

Fill our form for preliminary analysis

Survey & Recommendation

Survey and recommendation for improvement from our specialist if any

Contract Signing & Preparation

Signing of contracts, preparing the provision of services and facilities

Service started

Supporting facilities and services can be used by your employees or the public who use your office area

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