Need Home Cash Fund?

With our sale and lease back program, you can get cash by us buying your home that you will lease back – or sell

Why you need us

With our sale-leaseback program, we buy your house, you get the money you need, while staying in your home. Lease your home for as long as you’d like, with the option to buy back the house or move at any point.

This program is suitable for

  • Need cash by using the house but don’t want to move to another house
  • Requires cash but the house still hasn’t sold at a suitable price

Get the Money Fast

With an average closing time of 3 weeks, we give you the money you need quickly. Get up to 70% of your home value in cash upfront, and the remaining 30% as an Option

Flexibility to Buy Back

With our buy option, you have the ability to buy back your house or move at any point. If you ultimately decide to move, you will receive any additional value including appreciation, if applicable

No Additional Expenses

During your lease, you only pay market rent. Loyagami takes care of the property taxes and home maintenance expenses.

Easy and fast process to get certainty

Submit Your Application

Submit the application by filling our form and our representative will reach you


We will evaluate your application that will take 1 week or more , if approved, the process will continue to legal process

Sign Doc

If legal analysis is complete then both parties will sign the doc in appointed notary and you will get your money

Ready to take the next step and work together?