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The residential market for the elderly is an opportunity and opportunities that can be glimpsed by developers in the country.

In 2025 the number of elderly people (elderly) is estimated to have reached 20% of the total population of Indonesia. In fact, according to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2014 the number of elderly people in Indonesia reached 20.24 million people, or the equivalent of 8.03 percent of the total population in that year.

Still from this data, it is stated that around 42.32 percent of the elderly live together with three generations in one household. As many as 26.80 percent of other elderly people live with the nuclear family. Meanwhile, 17.48 percent lived only with their partner. Meanwhile, the remaining 9.66 percent of the elderly live alone and have to independently meet their food, health and social needs.

Elderly housing are opportunities that can be looked at by developers in the country. Because although only about 8 percent, this number is equivalent to the population of Singapore and Japan.

In the midst of unfavorable property market conditions, there are actually many other opportunities that can be targeted by developers. One of them is housing for the elderly, and not many have developed this subsector

This opportunity is also in line with the government’s plan to develop 10 new Bali. And furthermore, the government only needs to add health infrastructure and if successful, of course not only Indonesians will be interested but also elderly people from abroad.

“Indonesia also has many urbanites who certainly rarely meet their parents, even though our parents need someone to talk to,” said an expert in the field of elderly people in Indonesia.

Currently, the market share for the elderly is targeting the upper middle class. However, it is also possible for the middle class or even low-income people.

The areas of Bandung and Bogor are potential locations for elderly nursing home developers considering their location which is not too far from Jakarta. In addition to other areas in a number of regions in Indonesia, both based on mountains and oceans, such as Bali, Malang, Yogyakarta, and other areas whose infrastructure is sufficiently good with the availability of health facilities

Currently, Singapore and Australia are two countries that are intensively developing special housing for the elderly.

Currently, countries that have taken advantage of the residential market for the elderly are Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. These neighboring countries attract the elderly to come and live there, including from Indonesia.

There are also quite a lot of business opportunities for companion or expansion of business opportunities from providing housing for the elderly, including providing facilities for the elderly for creative activities such as painting and handicrafts as well as a senior botanic garden for growing fruit, flowers and herbs.

This provided activity place can be intended for the elderly as end users or as a means for the elderly to provide or sell services to the public using the facilities provided

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