Optimization of Commercial Assets

Asset Optimization Through Mergers & Acquisitions

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Our experienced team with domestic and international transactions can help ease the process of acquisitions, divestments, mergers and joint ventures

Why your business need Us

We help companies optimize assets through mergers and acquisitions with the following objectives

Revenue Growth

We help asset owners to optimize assets through several schemes and merger options that not only increase operating income but also increase asset value.

Asset Divestiture

We help asset owners sell or divest eligible assets effectively and efficiently together with sponsors and investment banking partners through various takeover (acquisition) options

How can we help

Through our platform we can help the previously difficult, convoluted and long process into an integrated process that is fast, transparent and easy for owners of commercial assets to earn operating income or sell assets through a merger acquisition scheme.

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Auction Platform

The platform we provide makes it easy for you to register your property assets and get various partnership offers and the best investments to get operating income or asset sales

Asset Management Platform

A platform for business partnerships that facilitates the process of managing business assets and property in a transparent and easy way for your benefit as an asset owner and the interests of investors

Business and Financial Advisory

A platform that makes it easy for you to get business and financial advisory services related to commercial due diligence, asset valuation & offer structuring, financial strategy and execution plans

Intelligence Platform

Ease and convenience of obtaining various information and reports relating to competitors as well as various risks that may threaten the continuity of business operations or your  assets

How it Works

Simplify the optimization process for asset owners


Fill Information

Fill in Asset and / or Business Information including confidentiality agreement

Feasibility & Appraisal

An asset feasibility analysis, of the prerequisites are met, can be continued to the next process


The auction process to get bids will take 15-30 working days and if no bidders are interested the process will be terminated

Negotiate Bids

If bids are found, then continue to negotiate terms and condition with bidder and sponsors including business restructuring as needed

Sponsorship Begins

When the best final offer is selected, the renovation or asset development process is carried out according to the agreement with funding from the sponsor

Deal Closure

After the restructuring, renovation or asset development process according to the agreement is completed, the agreement is closed with a term lease contract or asset divestment (in accordance with the original purpose)

Cost and Fees

Deposit Funds or the Same Cooperation Bond

A pre-partnership auction deposit fee that is refunded upon maturity whether an interested partner is found or not found, and will be forfeited as a penalty if in the partnership auction process you withdraw before the due date or a legally binding agreement with the same level of compensation for breaches which is conducted
Start from Rp 10 Mio

Advisory Fees and Supporting Services

Costs associated with advisory services as well as various supporting professions such as audit fees, legal fees and so on are required according to government regulations
2% - 6% of Project Value

Types of Commercial Properties

Several Brand Affiliate Business Partners




Terms & Conditions

Who are the target users of this service?

The target of this service is companies that are looking for convenience in conducting mergers or partnerships to increase operating income or looking for potential investors or buyers to divest assets or sell assets.

Minimum value for asset optimization

The value of fixed assets in the form of building land is at least IDR 5 billion and the business value is based on a valuation of IDR 20 billion per year

Why is an assessment process needed?

The feasibility assessment process is very important to help us offer or find partners that match the assets or business we want to optimize, so without a feasibility assessment process we cannot offer potential partners an investment object whose risks and potential benefits cannot be measured.

Is it financing from Loyagami?

No, Loyagami is just a platform that connects sponsors, financial institutions and users (operators)

Who are the business operational partners?

We work with several local and international brands to become operational partners for example in the retail sector, including Superindo, Alfamart, Indomaret and many more.

We are affiliated with approximately 100 brands in various industries in the fields of retail, health, lifestyle, hospitality, culinary, plantation, offices, nature tourism, education, and technology.

How long will the process take?

Generally, the process from start to operational, including the negotiation process, legality arrangement to business preparation, takes at least 3 months at the earliest, but it can depend more on the size of the business.

Can Loyagami guarantee the operating income or sale of asset ?

No, Loyagami is not an investment company and does not offer investment schemes of any kind or promise profits of any kind.

Loyagami as a platform that gives advisory services and helps bridge the search for mezzanine capital through a form of partnership so that asset owners can get operating income or sell assets through share purchase schemes in joint ventures

Loyagami seeks to simplify the process of asset management which has been exclusive, complex, closed and tends to be aimed only at large-scale companies.

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