Smart Flex Housing

Helping You Get Your Dream Home

We buy the house or apartment you want and you can rent it for 1 year or more while you save for a down payment and get the appropriate financing to make a home purchase

Personalized Rental Housing

More than just a rent

Our services help you to own a residential house or apartment of your dreams but still save money for a down payment (a safe limit for buyers to collect at least 20% down payment of the house price) or find the right financing where you can rent a house that we bought for you for at least a year with the freedom to personalize it to your liking.

Our premium services

Privileges for You

We provide services in a different way that gives privileges and personalization to rent a house

  • Ownership Program
  • Part of the rent can be used as a down payment for the purchase of a home
  • Home Furnish & Equipment Subscription
  • An annual rental program that makes it easy for you to add or replace furniture and equipment in your home with a subscription
  • Smart Resident Services
  • Our premium residence services that serve you inside and outside your residence with service level agreement

How to start


Submit Request

Submit your application by filling the request form

Find and Select Property

Our agent or representative will guide you to find potential primary or secondary housing that match with our requirements

Sign doc & Initial Payments

Sign legal documents and contract with us with initial rent payments that include security deposit

Fitting Out

We will expedite initial fitting out that relate to our standard for health, safety, security and home maintenance

Moving In

You can start moving in to new home
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* Terms and Conditions Applied

We've worked with some of the biggest brands for operation and financing