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Investment Advisory Platform

An investment advisory platform that facilitates the development of investment vehicles for the purpose of business acquisitions, business partnerships, or as part of an investment fund strategy that balances financial returns with social and environmental impact

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What We Offer

Loyagami is a technology company that provides accredited investors with access to invest either through existing investment options in various real asset-based businesses or creating own investment option schemes for business acquisition or partnership.

For more than 10 years, Loyagami has successfully assisted investors in investing in short and medium term equity and debt through our investment partners with above average returns with services that include

Research and Due Diligence

We provide a platform that makes it easy for investors who want to do research and due diligence on an investment object before making an investment decision

Investor Relationship Management

We provide a platform that makes it easy for investors to find various law firms and fund managers in Indonesia and abroad and to manage various tasks and reports related to investment.

Asset Management Platform

We provide a platform that makes it easy for investors who want to manage various investments themselves with the help of various supporting professional institutions in accordance with their functions and legal limitations.

Flexible fees based on type of investment and level of services


We help investors to obtain certainty of income from business investments directly or through limited partnerships in the form of debt or equity


We help corporations secure partnership or returns on investment in debt or equity


Our Unique Proposition

We make it easy for our investors by using the technology we provide to invest directly or through our investment banking partner that can reduce the level of risk, hassle in managing assets, and maximize income


Avg ROI in Equity


Avg. ROI in Debt


Duration of Investment in equity


Duration of Investment in debt

Type of Business We Do

Find Existing Opportunities or Create Your Own Plan

Investment Model

Equity Investment

Investment in equity forms of ownership that can gives you return rate from 15% p.a with more than 18 months investment long

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Debt Investment

Investments in debt that can give you a return from 12% to 25% p.a (depending on the size and duration) with an investment duration from 6 to 18 months

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Invest in Strategic Places

Loyagami invests in residential and commercial locations strategically with a range of premium facilities and services.

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