Flexible Office Space

Smart Workplace Solution Focused on People Health,Productivity and Mobility

What is Smart Flexible Office

A new concept of office space layout and way of thinking about work, the flexible office is gradually becoming a part of the life of today’s companies.

It’s today’s workplace model to reduce real estate costs, increased productivity, supporting mobile employees and emphasis on well-being at work.

Flex office is indeed an economical solution: remove unused items for reuse by diversifying work environments and provide services useful to employees


How we can help you

We help you build and run the office so you can focus on running the business

  • Transforming your existing office into smart flexible office with ongoing support.
  • Finding space in strategic location and build the smart flexible office.

Why Loyagami Flex Office Space Services

You should read the reasons why work with us as your office solution before you decide to build on your own

Premium Build

We help design your office according to premium standards that can enhance your company's image within budget

Easy Exit & Sub Lease

Loyagami provides convenience for you to reduce expenses by renting out some areas or altogether without compromising your company's security and privacy.

Smart Office System

The Smart Office Standard applied by Loyagami for your office can help you reduce your operating costs and improve safety and comfort for all employees.


Access to various health and fitness facilities and programs in various locations provided by internationally reputed service providers.

Business Accommodation

Special price with personalized services for your employees in more than 9000 Loyagami affiliated lodgings around the world

On Demand Technology Services

Access to the supply of various hardware and software according to needs that can be rented flexibly.

How it works


Meet our team

Meet with a dedicated agent to discuss your office needs and map out a customized real estate strategy.

Select Design & Concept

Evaluate desigsn and concepets that best fit your needs. We’ll provide guidance and options

Fitting Out or Renovation

Start the transformation or renovation without interfering with your works and businesses

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together