About Us

Physical space still plays an important role in life, business and work where the development of a good physical space will support productivity and creativity

Loyagami is a real estate services company that focuses on asset management, vertical market development or value creation through venture capital

We provide a platform that brings together asset owners and business idea owners to turn ordinary physical space assets into extraordinary assets that can be used both for living, working, playing, and even shopping.

What We Do

As a modern real estate asset management technology company, we help simplify the process of financing property ownership, property-based business development and asset management by providing a platform that connects you with various service provider partners easily, quickly and transparently.

Our Asset Management Model

Our asset management model generally uses a lease model with a buy option or joint venture where at the initial stage we will provide recommendations on what things need to be fixed and completed first based on the historical information and data we receive and process through our system.

Our business for investor and owner

As real estate asset manager, we act as owner representative that looks out for the property owner’s best interests to maximize the value and return on investment of a property. This includes finding the highest and most consistent sources of revenue, reducing expenditures whenever possible and risk management

We can help you do the following business matters through our technology platform

  • Providing due diligence for the purchase or disposition of property
  • Determining the value of the property and ways to increase its value
  • Marketing an asset for revenue growth
  • Working with the leasing team to absorb any vacant space on a timely basis
  • Preparing long-term financial projections and manage cash flow
  • Market research and data analysis
  • Hiring and overseeing operators
  • Developing capital and operating expenditure budgets
  • Evaluating, monitoring, and revising property financing strategy as well as finding lenders and working with them

Value Creation through Venture Investment

As part of maximizing the return on value from a real estate investment, we are actively carrying out vertical business development with business owners through a venture cooperation model in which the orientation of business development is to get a return on capital more than assets can be generated in a conventional way.

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