Building Your Residential Rental Business

Helping you enter the housing rental business profitably and at the risk we will be able to bear

For New or Existing Landlord

Why you need us

Residential rental business is one of the businesses that can provide consistent income as long as it is managed properly and we can help you enter the housing business profitably

Total Protection

Total maintenance and protection your home from burglary, fire and natural disaster

Income Guarantee

The minimum income guarantee includes a return on renovation costs that you invest with a return of at least 2% above the deposit rate.

Exit Option

The convenience for you to sell your property at any convenience moment.

What We Will Do

We help ensure uncertainty and optimize opportunities to increase income and maintain the value of your assets according to the return on investment value plan


Optimization of the interior, furniture and electronic devices needed to facilitate the management of your property assets

Master Lease

Certainty of rental income for buildings, renovations or optimizations that have been carried out using the master lease scheme

Option to Buy

The certainty to be able to sell your assets according to the price and time desired

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