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Connecting property and ideas

Our Real Estate Business

Loyagami is leading urban real estate firm, specializing in the ownership and operation of distinctive properties in major cities across Indonesia.

For over 10 years, across multiple geographic markets, Loyagami has successfully completed acquisitions and created value-add strategies for existing projects.

We excel at identifying emerging real estate markets, anticipating market cycles, predicting shifts in lifestyle and design trends, and pioneering the creation and implementation of leading-edge product and service innovations


Our Unique Proposition

Loyagami is aware of the many changes in business models in the real estate industry today even though basically the real estate business is buying and selling and renting or recurring income.

But in reality the buying and selling process is not as easy and simple as in the past, therefore Loyagami adapts to changing lifestyle patterns of consumers by investing and creating the businesses that support the use of the property

We give options to our investors to invest directly or through our partnership which can reduce risk levels, hassles in managing assets, and maximizing revenue

Type of Investment

We make it easy to do the investment

Direct Investment

Investment options for experienced investors where investors can invest directly in properties sold through Loyagami

Lease Investment

The type of investment that is most preferred by most investors is that investors will invest in properties that will be directly rented so as to provide certainty of income, increase in asset value, and when assets can be sold

Co Investment

The type of investment in which an investor will invest through a company formed specifically for the investor to handle the property management to resale

Invest in Strategic Places

Loyagami invests in residential and commercial locations strategically with a range of premium facilities and services.

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