Smart Flexible Office Space

Outsourcing workspaces to be interchangeable with flexible workspaces in multiple locations

What is Smart Flexible Office

A new concept of workspace where we will manage and rent a workplace that you design and build so that it can be exchanged with various workspaces in various cities in Indonesia and abroad for your workforce

It’s today’s workplace model to reduce real estate costs, increased productivity¬† and supporting mobile employees.

We combine the flexibility of a managed office or co-working space as you build your company brand and don’t lose the reliability of having your own office space

Smart Flexible Office

Effective, Fast and Safe Way of Work

We manage part of the area of your office so that it can be used by the public for work where we implement a point system that you will get when people come to use your facilities and are used when your company employees work in various other office locations including co-working rooms and meeting rooms

By using a point balance system per month, if your points are in excess, they can be cashed out in cash or when your point balance is lacking due to use by your employees, we will bill you at the end of each month

What we do

The combination of physical space management, technology infrastructure management, and the provision of on demand services for workers

Office Facilities Management

Provision of system infrastructure, management of guests using office facilities and protection and compensation for loss or damage

Services Management

Provision of a system that facilitates the management and provision of services for employees who use work spaces in various office or other work locations

Coordination & Reporting

An integrated reporting system that facilitates reporting of facility usage, employee expenses, and workspace usage income

How to get started


Apply for Program

Fill our form for preliminary analysis

Survey & Recommendation

Survey and recommendation for improvement from our specialist if any

Contract Signing & Preparation

Signing of contracts, preparing the provision of services and facilities
Duration : 5 - 15 Working Days

Service started

Portal services and applications that can be used by guests and employees are starting to be used

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together