Loyagami Life

Team-based Smart Assistant for business needs and personal well being management

The Benefits

How We Can Help You

Loyagami Life is a platform that integrates and automates various non-technology services with cloud or internet-based services to facilitate business operations or fulfill daily needs through chat or voice-based commands.

Our service focus is to facilitate the use of services from various technology-based or non-technology service providers through artificial intelligence based assistants and assisted by human assistants for the following 3 main things

  • Marketing Services for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Services for Sales, Fulfillment and Customer Service for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Integrated Services for smart housing, daily needs and recreation

As a member of Loyagami Life, you can enjoy access at special prices in a variety of workspace facilities, production rooms, and retail spaces in more than 100 locations

We offer a wide array of offerings through our membership aimed at balancing your life