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Plots of land are land that has a size that is quite large chunks (plots), where each plot of land is sufficient to build a house. The lot business is now growing because the profits are quite large.

The plots business is a property investment that is popular with both the public and investors. Usually for those who do not have capital in this business, they look for land to be sold but negotiate first with the owner.

After that, they will offer a fee system to the land owner if each plot is sold. And for processing letters, clearing land, marketing and others handled by businessmen.

Most of these plots are used as residential land, although many plots of land in Indonesia are used as other buildings such as industry, trade, education, and others.

In the property business, land plots themselves are divided into three forms, namely:

Cul De Sac Lot

This plots of land are empty land which is in a dead end, with a wider area and is usually used as a single occupancy.

Interior Lot

This plots of land are vacant lands that have been blocked according to their respective clusters. And usually this lot is often built as residential or residential land.

Intersection Lot

This plot of land is an empty land at a crossroads. This lot is in demand by many people because of its easy access, usually for housing, shop houses, or other buildings.

There is a lot of interest in the plots of land business because land prices have risen from time to time. And also development is now accelerating, so that the plots of land will be the target of many people.

The price of a land can usually increase by about 20-25% per year, so if you sell the land five years after the purchase period, the price will double.

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