Asset Management as Service

Property Asset Development that empowers People, Productivity and Business

We connect asset owners, investors and companies for community development that increases the value and benefits of property assets

For Investor

We help investors find investment portfolios for property-based businesses and invest with the best return through our investment banking partners

For Corporate

We help companies to ease capital expenditures, convert costs into revenue or seek capital financing for property-based business development.

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Number of Properties
Our Properties

We have helped various asset owners with an area of hundreds of thousands of square meters in strategic locations in Indonesia right where people need them most

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We've worked with some of the biggest brands as partners, affiliates or operators

We work together with big brands or start-up companies to operate various property assets for vertical business development as follows

Service Residence

Dedicated full furnish condo, apartment or house for your with on demand services

Co Living Spaces

Co Living Spaces built for family, senior citizen, creative workers

Flex Office

Long term office lease designed and built based on requirements for more than 10 employees

Custom Commercial Space

Long term flexible lease custom commercial spaces for health care and lifestyle businesses
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Are you looking for low cost advance cost for setting up commercial, working and residential space as your requirements?