Smart Flex Housing

Long-term Guaranteed Housing

Guarantee of residential maintenance and long-term financial benefits for you as the owner

Advantages and Risks of Buying a Residential

When you buy housing from a developer or seller, you only get a guarantee of short-term physical repairs without collateral for risks that may occur as follows

  • Trouble making payments when you buy using the installment method
  • Legal issues over the land or building purchased
  • The unit is difficult to rent when you want to rent it
  • Asset value is not as expected when it wants to be sold or refinanced to get a loan
  • Repairs and maintenance of dwellings outside of forecasts during ownership

Loyagami provides services to minimize the risks that can occur above

The Benefits We Provide

Because we understand that your home is one of your investments and forms the biggest part of your living expenses.

Buyer Protection

Protection of financial losses that can occur during the purchase process and potential payment failures during the installment period.

Asset Management

Ease of paying all maintenance fees and taxes when you live in and maximize value when you want to rent or sell

Resident Services

Standard and optional services for comfort, safety, health and business growth.

Simple steps to find your home


Enter your Criteria

Enter the residential criteria you want through the interactive dialog of our artificial intelligence system

Get various housing options

Get various housing options that are sent periodically via email without disturbing your busy schedule

Choose the house you want

Choose the house you want from the options we provide and then we will negotiate according to your needs

Sign Contract and Administrative Paperworks

We will help you to handle all the administrative processes and perform furnishing as needed

Start your occupancy

Enter your residence that has been prepared according to the list you made and we will always assist you in providing services for your life's needs
Find your home

Cities where Loyagami serves


Apartment, condominium and landed house in Jakarta and surrounding area

South Tangerang

Apartment and landed house in South Tangerang that include Serpong, Bintaro and BSD


Apartment and Landed house in Bandung and surrounding area


Apartment and landed house in Surabaya and surrounding area