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The two-storey co-living home is arranged around a communal living and dining space on the ground floor, which is overlooked by a mezzanine space described by the architects as a library.

This co living house is designed to have a variety of spaces within the limited space of the 140-square-metre building so that its residents could feel at home.

Our airm is to secure the maximum space under the limited condition, which was a two-story building on a compact site, so that eight people can live together with being as relaxed as they can, and to provide various places where each of the residents can feel they belong.

On the first floor, the living and kitchen area is directly connected with the entrance, which organically creates communications among the residents.

Another living room on the mezzanine, which is about two meters above, is vertically spatially connected by the open-space stairs. We designed it to show the various sceneries of the life of the residents, being relaxed, moving around, going out or eating, in one space.

In total the house has eight single bedrooms, three on the ground floor and five on the first floor. The building is topped with a roof garden – another communal space for the residents.

The coliving is designed the for single people living in the city who do not want to live alone as well as students and foreigners. We believe that co-living spaces can offer a positive alternative to living alone and can have a positive impact on the young people who reside in them.

There are lots of benefits of co-living that cannot be experienced by living alone in a city. They can feel family-like warmth through their daily life, share cultures and experiences of various countries, and help each other when in trouble.

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