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The pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 virus is a difficult situation for many of us. Our health, families, jobs and mental well-being are all at risk. The battle against this deadly pathogen is yet to be won, but thankfully, we can equip ourselves with the necessary arms.

Proper diet, exercise and mental resolve can help us all improve our chances of surviving the pandemic. While a cure or a vaccine is yet to be established, keeping ourselves healthy and strong allows our bodies to fight against the disease. By pursuing a life of wellness, we have a better chance against COVID-19 and other ailments that may befall us.

Wellness begins at home and the right home can do wonders for our well-being. While every home can encourage healthy living, some have been built a little better than others. Here are the features of an ideal home that fosters wellness and helps fight diseases.

Smart features

If there’s something that we have learned so far in our experience with COVID-19, it’s that viruses can spread rapidly. Coming into direct contact with an infected person or object can already compromise our health.

Modern technology, however, gives us a fighting chance against contagion. Through the invention of hands-free devices, we can minimize unnecessary contact and improve our defense against viruses.

The inclusion of smart living features in our homes would allow us to minimize the spread of disease. Frequently used items such as light switches, temperature controls, air-conditioners and door knobs can now be accessed without touch. In addition, we can also use these smart features via an app on our handheld devices. Not only do we get to minimize contact through these items, but we also get to save energy, electricity and time.

A natural environment

Sometimes, the sight of a plant in front of us is enough to lift our spirits and brighten our day. While it is quite difficult to find an oasis in today’s cities, thankfully there are residential communities which provide us green spaces.

Even if you live in a high-rise building, you know that you live in a good home if it provides you lush gardens which you can enjoy. Whether it be an open park or a green roof deck, you and your family can definitely benefit from a natural environment. In addition, there’s no stopping you from creating your own urban garden by growing herbs and flora right by your window. A home that provides these opportunities in the middle of the city can improve your mental and physical well-being exponentially.

Therapeutic colors

While many of us choose to paint our rooms in our favorite colors, science has proven that the right hues can improve our mood. Through the use of color therapy, we can make our home a place that nurtures our mental health.

Communities with well-designed color schemes provide more than just eye candy. They help us relax after a stressful day. They can also mentally prepare for an exciting time outdoors. By living in a place that has a well-thought-out use of colors, you can be sure that your moods will always be better coming home.

Provision for fitness

A home that gives you an opportunity to run, swim and bask in the sun is a blessing. Townships provide this privilege through their communal amenities. A gym, swimming pool, dance studio and children’s playroom are examples of the comforts you can find in a curated community.

Without having to venture far from your home, you can make yourself fit by enjoying these amenities. Such areas also give us a chance to socialize with our neighbors and make new friends. Beyond comfort, these features help us become the best versions of ourselves without having to venture far.

Sustainable community

Considering our situation today, perhaps the best homes are the ones that provide accessibility. A home where you can easily get to the hospital, grocery or office is definitely convenient during an emergency or even on an ordinary day.

This idea is the essence of townships. By living in a place where everything is within your reach, you can easily sustain yourself whatever the situation. Choose a home that is located in a sustainable and accessible community, and you can rest assured that your needs will always be met.

The ideal home fosters wellness, whatever the situation of the world. Such a home gives you a chance to breathe easy, live well and grow exponentially even in the middle of the city.

Loyagami Space strives to realize ideal housing in various cities in Indonesia through collaboration with several leading developers in Indonesia. Our aim is to provide comfort and convenience to ensure that you and your family will live in an environment of wellness. With smart home features, green spaces, therapeutic color schemes and biophilic design, you know that you can be at your healthiest here.

While there are many things outside of your control, thankfully your health is something that lies in your hands and in your home. Whether it’s to fight a pandemic or to survive the challenges of everyday life, a healthy home will equip you with the best arms. Choose to live in a home that promotes wellness and you can pursue the best that life has to offer.