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Balancing the Imbalance

We help you balance work and life while still saving money through membership programs

You will get special price as member to making purchases of various  services, goods, accommodations, tours, and events in our catalog

When you become our member, you can receive allotment Club Points which you can redeem as cash back to your wallet or simply as cash money to your account

You can add points by making  purchases various  services,goods, accommodations, tours, and events through the loyalty program

As member you can also sell your goods or services through out network

We offer a wide array of offerings through our membership aimed at balancing your life

Travel & Holiday

Free annual allocation of stay at hotels worldwide including special rates for tour and holiday packages

Work and Business

Free annual allocation with coworking and meeting spaces in various locations in Southeast Asia including a variety of class programs and events

Wellness & Health

Health protection program including special rates for various fitness and relaxation programs in various locations in Indonesia and Asia

Home Furnishing & Support Services

Various programs and services created with the aim of not only making your place comfortable and beautiful to live in but also available various services that help you everyday whenever you want.

The life you have led does not need to be the only life you have.

Loyagami wishes to bring the real estate business to the next level by creating one of the most exciting travel and lifestyle membership available. As a member, you will have access to a vast and diverse collection of resorts, properties and experiences including cruises, adventure travel, guided tours and more. And we’ll be there to greet you with premium travel and lifestyle experiences around the world.

20.000 + Luxury & Premium Hotels

You can enjoy more than 20,000 luxury and premium hotels from a variety of well-known brands including boutique hotels and various houses and apartments designed specifically for holidays.

Specialty Travel

Gain access to guided tours, cruises, safaris, private tours, theme parks and much more.

35.000 + Mid Scale & Economy Hotels

You can enjoy more than 35,000 middle-class and economical hotels from various well-known brands including co-living in collaboration with us around the world

Specialty Events and Classes

Get access to various events and special classes for members including cooking classes, handy craft, urban farming and much more

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